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Yosemite Updates Tioga Road Work

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Yosemite, CA – Yosemite National Park road crews are updating work being done to repair Tioga Road so it can hopefully reopen before August.

While it is clear of snow all the way to Highway 120 Tioga Pass, Tioga Road will not reopen this weekend, according to Yosemite officials. They added, “We are optimistic it will open before the end of July.” One of the problems discovered by crews is a torn line at the sewage ponds. The wastewater treatment plant cannot operate until the liner is repaired and the groundwater level lowers. Park officials advised, “The park is contracting for portable toilets and pumping of vault toilets. Tioga Road will open when sanitation and public safety requirements are met.”

Park’s road officials provided the following work that is still in progress before the road can completely reopen:

  • Clearing snow from side roads and parking lots and boulders from Tioga Road
  • Removing trees in danger of falling onto the road.
  • Extensive repairs and Hantavirus inspections to buildings.

When the roadway does reopen to traffic, “visitors can expect short delays due to traffic lights at damaged locations, and longer delays when contractors are making repairs, say state park officials.


  • Boulders blocking Tioga Road
  • Yosemite road crews working to remove snow that still covers sections along Tioga Road
  • Highway 120 Tioga Pass Yosemite entrance gate
  • Yosemite road crews working on removing debris on Tioga Road
  • Damage on Tioga Road