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Repairs Planned For Storm Damage On Old Priest Grade

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Sonora, CA– The closure of Old Priest Grade road due to storm damage continues, as the Tuolumne County Public Works Department works towards resolving the situation. On March 21, engineering staff and geotechnical engineers conducted an assessment of the site, revealing significant concerns for public safety and the need for repairs before allowing vehicles to use the roadway. Proactive measures were already in motion before the assessment, with the Public Works team securing consultant services and requesting expedited federal emergency funding.

In mid-April, geotechnical core samples were taken from the affected area, and subsequent laboratory analysis was conducted on the soil. The findings indicated that a previous stacked rock slope repair had failed during the storms, leaving the edge of the roadway unsupported. This particular section of the slope is exceptionally steep, posing limitations to the available repair solutions.

Design concepts were reviewed in early May, and the final project design is currently underway. The goal is to complete the design and initiate the bidding process in the upcoming weeks. The Public Works Department has made efforts to develop a repair plan that can be swiftly executed, utilizing locally available equipment and materials to minimize delays.