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Flood Warning Issued For Pohono Bridge In Yosemite

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Yosemite, CA — The National Weather Service warns that rapid snowmelt could result in the flooding of the Merced River at the Pohono Bridge.

Above average temperatures will quickly accelerate the melting of high elevation snowpack. The National Weather Service indicates that “minor flooding” is forcasted based on the current weather models. The flood stage of the Merced River, at the Pohono Bridge, is around 10 ft.

It is currently at around 9.4 ft. and it is is expected to recede to around 8.5 ft. late this afternoon, and then likely increase to 10.5 ft. overnight, and fluctuate near 10 ft. through tomorrow morning and afternoon. Flooding is possible in areas like the western portion of North Pines Campground and the Lower Pines Campground.

It is unclear how long the flood warning will last, as the National Weather Service states that it will “continue until further notice.”

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