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Proposed Alcohol Tax Increase To Benefit Diapers And Tampons

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Sacramento, CA — California lawmakers will decide whether to increase the tax on liquor in order to eliminate the sales tax on diapers and tampons.

Co-author of the bill, Democrat Cristina Garcia, says, “Common sense is that liquor is a choice and a luxury and human biology is not. There is no happy hour for menstruation. Our tax code needs to reflect the fact that it’s not ok to tax women for being born women.”

AB 479 would increase the excise tax per gallon on liquors that are under 100 proof by $1.20. Proponents say it would equate to around 1.5 cents per serving. For liquors over 100 proof, the excise tax would go up by $2.40 per gallon. Tax on beer and wine would not increase under AB 479.