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Update: Attorney General Confirmation For Becerra Moves Forward

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Update at 12:55 p.m.: — Governor Jerry Brown’s Attorney General pick cleared a hurdle today that cleared the way towards a full Assembly vote Friday morning.

Today, the Special Committee on the Office of the Attorney General voted 6-3 to recommend that the Assembly confirm Rep. Xavier Becerra as California’s next Attorney General to replace Kamala Harris, who won her bid for the US Senate.

“I was very impressed with the depth and thoughtfulness of Congressman Becerra’s answers to questions posed by the Committee and in his handling of questions in our confirmation hearing,” commented Co-chair Democrat Assemblymember Mark Stone, who represents Monterey Bay.

The son of immigrant parents, Becerra highlighted the spirit and values they instilled in him through hard work and playing by the rules.

Remarking that the values served him well over three decades of public service in the California Dept. of Justice, US Congress and the Assembly, Becerra added, “As California’s chief law enforcement officer and legal advocate, I will be ready to deploy those values and life lessons to advance and defend the rights — big and small — of all Californians. They will guide me as I partner with our brothers and sisters in law enforcement to protect our people and carry out the letter and the spirit of our laws uniformly. Everyone — and I mean everyone — who plays by California’s rules deserves to know we have got your back.”

Original Post at 7:39 a.m.: Sacramento, CA — California lawmakers will begin the confirmation process today for Governor Jerry Brown’s pick to replace Kamala Harris.

The Governor has picked Southern California Congressman Xavier Becerra to become the state’s next Attorney General as Harris is moving over to the US Senate to replace Barbara Boxer. The Associated Press reports that legislative Democrats have enthusiastically welcomed Becerra’s nomination while Republicans want to question him about law enforcement matters.

Becerra sent a letter to lawmakers this past weekend indicating that he plans to defend immigration programs like helping those in the country illegally get drivers licenses and helping immigrants challenge deportation orders. He also plans to fight on behalf of California’s legislative efforts to slow climate change.

Becerra will first go before the nine-member Assembly Special Committee on the Office of the Attorney General.