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Sonora’s DMV Office Fully Operational After Statewide Computer Outage

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Sonora, CA – Sonora’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office has been offering limited services since Monday after a computer server crash affecting offices across the state.

As reported Tuesday, while the Sonora office was open it was one of 122 offices impacted by the outage and only providing limited services. The DMV updated the situation late Wednesday reporting that 21 of the offices, including Sonora’s, were brought back online and are fully operational while another 17 are only able to process driver license and identification card transactions. However, that leaves another 84 offices still impacted by the outage.

The DMV apologized for the inconvenience to the public and offered this statement, “The repairs to the system have taken longer than we anticipated. While the IT repairs are nearly complete, work still needs to be done by field office staff to complete the process. We’re working as quickly as possible. The next steps include conducting a review of our system to ensure this situation won’t happen again.”

The DMV indicates that of its 188 offices, 87 are working at full capacity and 66 were not affected by the outage.

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