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CHP Reminding Drivers About Student And Bus Safety

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Sonora, CA– Many schools in the Motherlode have started their school year or are preparing to and that means school busses and students will be back on the roads. The Sonora CHP is reminding drivers about some of the rules regarding school busses and additionally to keep an eye out for students walking. CHP spokesperson Officer Steve Machado explains.

“We want to remind everyone that’s around about school busses and students with backpacks going to and from school. To have more awareness of driving on the road and to pay attention to the busses and whenever a bus comes to a stop and the red lights come on or the stop sign is out that you are required to stop till the bus is safe and the red lights are turned off and the sign is put away. Also to have a lot of patience, we want to make sure to keep the children safe that are riding the bus and the drivers safe”

And additionally, none of the following are allowed to do when encountering a school bus.

  • Passing buses over double yellow lines
  • Tailgating
  • Passing buses with red lights/stop signs
  • Bus loading/unloading zones – unsafe speed, unsafe u-turns in front of buses
  • Road Rage from motorists due to slow driving buses and frequent stops at railroad crossings

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