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TUD Releases Water Management Blueprint

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Sonora, CA – The public can now view a draft of Tuolumne Utilities District’s (TUD) state required Draft Urban Water Management Plan for 2015.

The plan outlines how the district will manage and achieve the 20 percent reduction in water use by December 31, 2020 as required by the state. TUD Spokesperson Lisa Westbrook explains, “The plan is designed to show that you do have a long-term general planning document to exactly decide how your supply and demand is going to be used for water management. Also, how you would implement any conservation needs depending on drought years like we’ve just experienced.”

The plan is a guideline to be used for the next 25 years that must be updated every five years. Additionally, Westbrook notes its significance stating, “For TUD to qualify for grant funding through the state, they are required to maintain a plan…that is deemed complete and meets the all the elements from the Department of Water Resources Control.”

The deadline for comments is Tuesday, June 14. Then on Tuesday, June 28, the District Board will hold a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. at the TUD headquarters to vote on adopting the plan. A copy of the draft can be found by clicking here.

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