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Bi-partisan Support To Watchdog The Bullet Train

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Sacramento, CA — The California Assembly unanimously approved legislation that would allow for more oversight by state lawmakers and the public regarding the controversial high-speed rail project.

AB 2847 is authored by Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson of Fresno. He notes the bill implements two recommendations from the Legislative Analyst’s Office dealing with plan changes and expenditures.  Specifically, the legislation would require rail officials to explain major changes to the business plan, including the cost, scope and schedule of each segment to make it easier to track the project.

Currently, the $64 billion bullet train plan has the first segment running from the Central Valley to Silicon Valley. The state legislative analyst office has also urged lawmakers to be added to the board overseeing the project, which is staffed by appointees who are largely favorable to the project, according to that group.  Previously, the Assembly Appropriations and Transportation Committees had given unanimous consent to the bill, which now moves to the Senate.

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