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New Radiation Therapy Support Program At SRMC

Sonora, CA — Sonora Regional Cancer Center is using a new Beam There Done That program to ease the anxiety and stress involved in the treatment.

Using what is called the “Elekta Infinity” linear accelerator with 3-D image guidance for radiation therapy, it directs the radiation precisely to either reduce a tumor’s size or kill cancer cells entirely. For those undergoing the cancer treatment, the program supports patients on their journey through treatment, according to hospital officials.

“We want our patients to feel like they are VIP members of an exclusive club,” explains Shane Tipton, FNP, PA-C, MS, Director of Cancer Services at Sonora Regional Cancer Center. “We also want them to complete their treatment and leave with some tangible memorabilia they can show off and be proud of as they reflect on the strength they found, the support they received, and the expertise in which their treatment was given.”

Each patient receives several items acknowledging their participation in the program including a t-shirt, cup, and a treatment passport. The latter is stamped after each radiation treatment in an effort to help them track and monitor their progress. “Our patients are all members of a club that they did not ask to join. They have come to share a bond after experiencing the radiation therapy journey,” explains Connie Walther, Radiation RN. “We invite patients to come at their leisure, wearing their Beam There Done That t-shirts, to enjoy lunch and visit with friends.”

Upon completing their treatment plan patients get a certificate. For more information about the program, click here or call the center at 209-536-5155.