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Multiple Offender Sentenced 13 Years For Domestic Abuse

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Sonora, CA — 33-year-old Sonora resident Joshua Hankins has been sentenced to 13 years in state prison after recently pleading guilty to injuring his girlfriend and causing great bodily harm.

Hankins also pleaded guilty to forcible rape in 2016. At that time, due to his young age and a lack of criminal history,  he was placed on criminal probation.

In 2019, he was arrested on a conspiracy charge and for selling cocaine. The District Attorney’s Office argued that he was a danger to society, but the judge’s decision was to again only place him on probation.

Three months later, Hankins strangled a new girlfriend until she was unconscious. The DA’s Office reports that it was able to identify at least two other abuse victims. Adding, “Unfortunately domestic violence plagues our country, and our county in particular. The power, control and violence wielded by Mr. Hankins trapped those he allegedly cared about in a cycle that feels impossible to escape.”

The District Attorney’s Victim Witness Advocates offer support and resources to survivors of domestic violence and will continue to be available to offer support to the survivors of Hankins.

The office adds, “If you, or anyone you know, are suffering domestic abuse, please reach out to law enforcement, our Office, or the incredible staff at Center for a Non-Violent Community. Their 24-hour crisis line is (209) 533-3401.