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Harris Seeks To Tighten Rules On Rifles

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Sacramento, CA — California’s Attorney General is leading an effort to close a loophole that she says currently allows rifles to easily be converted into semi-automatic assault weapons.

Attorney General Kamala Harris, along with Assemblyman David Chiu, are sponsoring a bill they say will close the “bullet button” loophole. Harris reports that the loophole allows the owner to use a button to quickly replace detachable magazines, within seconds, so that it becomes a semi-automatic weapon. The legislation would expand the classification of assault weapons to include semi-automatic center fire rifles, which are capable of accepting detachable magazines.

Harris and Chiu argue that this is the type of weapon that was used during the deadly attack in San Bernardino, so action is needed.

Harris says, “We simply must do everything we can to keep dangerous, high capacity firearms off our streets and out of our communities.”

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