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Sheep Ranch Community Celebrates New Water Tank

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Sheep Ranch, CA–  Calaveras County Water District(CCWD), Calaveras County, the Sheep Ranch Fire Department, Cal Fire, and numerous other members of the community celebrated the installation of a water tank that is located in Sheep ranch that will provide a new layer of fire protection and water supply reliably for that area.

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors gave their approval to use funding from a PG&E settlement for fire protection in Sheep Ranch. CCWD then partnered with the county and the Sheep Ranch Fire Department to relocate and install a second water tank on CCWD property in Sheep Ranch. The County provided funding for the tank relocation and installation costs, while CCWD provided the water tank in addition to engineering and construction management services. The second tank was not the only new piece of fire protection added, CCWD also installed a new fire hydrant to give water tenders better access to water in the event of a fire. The multi-agency collaboration is hoping the added fire protection and water storage will enhance fire safety for Sheep Ranch and the surrounding area.

Attending the weekend event were Commissioner Tim Laddish and Fire Chief Jeff Stone who spearheaded the project. CCWD General Manager, Michael Minkler was also in attendance and stated “This is an example of local agency collaboration at its best. It couldn’t have happened without the contributions from everyone involved and we were all focused on implementing the best available solution for the communities we serve. In the grand scheme, it’s a relatively small project, but I think we’re all extremely proud of this one.”