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T.U.D. To Discuss Phoenix Lake Improvements

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Sonora, CA — The T.U.D. Board of Directors will vote whether approve a contract for engineering and design services on the upcoming Phoenix Lake Preservation and Restoration Project.

The overall improvement project, estimated to cost around $6-million, involves the dredging of 430,000 cubic yards of sediment and restoring 300-acre ft. of storage capacity in Phoenix Lake. On Tuesday’s agenda is whether to approve a $637,000 contract with the firm Horizon Water and the Environment for wildlife surveys and studies before dredging can begin. T.U.D. has received a nearly $1.6-million grant from the IRWM-Proposition 84 round two funding cycle to cover the costs that are part of the permitting process.

In addition, as first reported last week, the board will decide whether to end current fines and “mandatory” water restrictions tied to the drought. Meeting documents show that T.U.D. customers have reduced usage by 35% from June through October, and the state mandate is 24%. The district is expected to remain above the collective 24% level under the assumption that customers use the amount of water consumed during a regular year, over the next several months.

Tuesday’s meeting starts at 2pm in the T.U.D. meeting room.

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