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T.U.D. Will Hear Update On Bark Beetles

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Sonora, CA — Several trees have been removed over the past several months near T.U.D. ditches and facilities.

The Board of Directors will hear an update at Tuesday’s meeting on efforts the district is taking to fend off attacks from Bark Beetles. You can click on the image box in the upper left hand corner to view some of the slides that will be viewed and discussed.

In addition, the Board will vote whether to schedule a special meeting for October 29th to hold a public workshop on the rate study that was completed in anticipation of increasing rates. Also, the board will vote whether to amend the contract with outgoing interim General Manager Dave Andres, so that he could be brought back on an “as needed” basis through January to help with ongoing projects. Currently his contract ends at the end of this month and new GM Tom Haglund will take over effective November 2nd.

Tuesday’s meeting starts at 2pm in the District meeting room.

  • Bark Beetle Impacts
  • Bark Beetle Lifecycle
  • Impact Of Bark Beetles
  • TUD Infrastructure Impacted By Bark Beetles
  • TUD Facilities Impacted By Dying Trees