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Retiring Local Librarian Honored

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Sonora, CA – A staple in the Tuolumne County library system, Librarian Lynn McCormick is stepping down after 19 years.

Tuesday at their meeting, the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors recognized McCormick for all her hard work as Youth, Literacy, and Outreach Librarian. She was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation, and she was thanked for all of the programs she created, like the Children’s Storytime Program, loved by many kids and guardians alike. Also noted, was how she was “instrumental in the Library Vision 20/20 meeting room improvements and the marketing and creation of both the Library’s and Friends of the Library’s logos.”

Dist. 5 Supervisor Jaron Brandon stated, “I can’t imagine how difficult that is after so many years building that system. But you’re leaving it strong. It’s survived some really, really hard times. I think everybody in the community understands the value that it brings, and a lot of that is from what you’ve implemented, advocated for, and fought for.”

Most notably, she was thanked for instilling a love of reading in thousands of children over the years. Dist. 3 Supervisor Anaiah Kirk recounted, “You do not know it, but you read to my kids at the library before. They went in there one time and they pointed you out, so you do those times thousands of kids, you have a big impact on kids.” A teary-eyed McCormick responded, “Thank you very much. That has always been the love of what I do; inspiring them to read, to improve reading, just to instill a future generation of readers, young people who want to continue a life-long journey of learning. I am truly going to miss all of that.”

McCormick was hired in December 2002 as a relief Library Assistant I for the Tuolumne County Library and, from there, worked her way to Librarian II in 2011.