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Some Seasonal Road Closures Extended On Forest

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Sonora, CA – Beginning today, motorists will be able to have more roads to travel on as seasonal road closures end, but not all the roadways will reopen–27 will remain closed for more than a month.

The Stanislaus National Forest has extended some of the road closures due to conditions and for public safety. The closure order will run from April 15 to May 31st within the Summit and Calaveras Ranger districts. Forest officials provided this list of roadways that will remain closed:

Summit Ranger District:

  1. Forest Road No. 4N12 (Herring Creek Road)
  2. Forest Road No. 5N01 (Eagle Meadow Road)
  3. Forest Road No. 5N1 1
  4. Forest Road No. 5N40Y
  5. Forest Road No. 4N34 (Gooseberry Road)
  6. Forest Road 4N26 (Crabtree Road)

Calaveras Ranger District:

  1. Forest Road No. 7N01 (Spicer Rd)
  2. Forest Road No. 7N17 (Slick Rock Road)
  3. Forest Road No. 8N12 (Pacific Valley)
  4. Forest Road No. 8N02 (Deer Valley)
  5. Forest Road No.  8N01 (Highland Lakes Road)
  6. Forest Road No. 7N93 (Mt. Reba/Round Valley)
  7. Forest Road No. 7N09 (Cabbage Patch)
  8. Forest Road No. 17EV485 (Corral Hollow)
  9. Forest Road No. 7N23 (Black Springs)
  10. Forest Road No. 7N02 (Sand Flat)
  11. Forest Road No. 6N58

These closures do not apply to over-snow vehicles on National Forest System Road Nos. 5N01, 4N12, 5N40Y, 7N09, 7N23, and 17EV485, when there is a minimum of 12 inches of snow on the road.

Anyone caught driving an automobile on these closed roadways could face a fine of not more than $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.