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Inspector General To Review Caltrans And HSR?

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Sacramento, CA — A Republican California Senator is pushing for the creation of a Transportation Inspector General position to investigate Caltrans and the High Speed Rail Authority.

SB 13, introduced by Senator Andy Vidak, passed through the Senate Transportation Committee. The Inspector General would review the operations of state transportation agencies and report back to the legislature if there are instances of fraud, waste or abuse. Vidak says it would hold Caltrans and the California High Speed Rail Authority accountable, and ensure that transportation dollars are spent “efficiently and appropriately.” It’s part of an overall effort in Sacramento to better fund road projects. SB 13 now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.

Vidak also introduced a separate bill, SB 3, which called for a re-vote on the High Speed Rail project, which had been endorsed by voters in 2008. That measure was voted down in the Transportation Committee.

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