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Trump Vs Clinton In Mother Lode Polls

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A recent informal myMotherLode poll asked the question “Are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Trustworthy and Honest? The top result was ‘No’ with 47 percent of the votes. Another 40 percent said Trump alone is Trustworthy and Honest, while 12 percent said only Clinton is. One percent said that both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are Honest and Trustworthy.

In March, before Clinton announced her plans to run, the question “Does ‘Honest’ Describe Hillary Clinton?” Was asked with 80 percent responding ‘No.’

The results of a related poll asked from August 12th to August 18th about the best candidate to handle the economy had Trump with 49 percent, ‘Other’ with 37 percent and just 14 percent for Clinton.

Trump is leading the GOP presidential primary race, and in Florida he even leads against former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Trump has 21 percent of the Republican’s support compared to Bush’s 17 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday. Florida Senator Marco Rubio trails both Trump and Bush, tying retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 11 percent among registered Republican voters.

The Quinnipiac survey also shows Vice President Joe Biden, who could still make a presidential run, is running equal to or better than Hillary Clinton against the top Republican contenders in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, three key general election swing states.

Biden came out ahead of Trump, the Republican front-runner, by 3 points in Florida, 10 points in Ohio and 8 points in Pennsylvania.