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Lawmakers Urge Governor To Take Action On Water

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Sacramento, CA — A group of Senate Republicans, including Tom Berryhill, have sent a letter to the Governor urging the fast-tracking of water projects during the drought.

Notably, the letter asks the Governor to expedite Proposition 1 bond spending where possible. It notes that voters approved the bond last year with the expectation that some of the money would help the state get through the current drought. It references Senate Bill 127 authored by Republican Andy Vidak, which would streamline the review process for state water projects.

The letter also opposes the notion of “deputizing” staff members to issue conservation citations to high water users. The Governor has called for fines up to $10,000 per violation. The Senate Republicans are concerned about due process rights and consider the fines excessive. They would rather see the focus turn to developing projects, and incentives, to cut water usage. The letter encourages bipartisan solutions.