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State Agencies Exceed Water Goals

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Sacramento, CA – Despite problems to track its water usage early on, Governor Jerry Brown’s administration now touts agencies met and surpassed water conservation goals set for 2014.

On Wednesday, data released showed savings varied across the state’s prisons, parks and office buildings.  Some agencies missed the mark, actually showing spikes in water use. However, overall the figures found a 23 percent reduction in water use compared to 2013, which exceeded the original 20 percent goal. With the Governor’s recent mandate for 25 percent conservation in the state, it appears the agencies will not have to work too hard to meet that goal.

As reported on Saturday, state water regulators released a proposed nine-tier water conservation plan for state urban water suppliers based on per-capita water use since last June. Tier 1 is the lowest conservation standard at 4 percent, and 36 percent is the highest amount. The proposal sets Tuolumne Utilities and Groveland Community Services districts’ conservation goals at 24 percent; and  Calaveras County Water District’s at 32 percent.