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Water Conservation Rally Cry

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Sacramento, CA – Bringing all the stakeholders together Governor Jerry Brown met with state water, environmental and agricultural leaders in Sacramento Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting came on the heels of Tuesday’s State Water Resources Control Board announcement that Californians had only reduced their water consumption by 2.8% in February, coupled with last week’s lowest snowpack measurement ever recorded and the first ever 25% statewide mandatory water reduction order by the Governor.  Brown says besides trying to find more water the biggest challenge facing the group is how to collaborate over water issues rather than “point fingers” at one another over use.  He adds, “It’s easy to talk and pop off, it’s more difficult to speak wisely and thoughtfully, but that’s what we need to do to get people…to work together.”

Brown has received criticism, as last week’s mandatory water conservation measures mostly do not affect agriculture, the state’s largest water user.

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