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Publicly Owned Electricity Districts?

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Sacramento, CA – A newly released petition seeking to create a state-run, publicly owned electrical utility is ready to draw signatures from potential supporters.


The initiative, released by the Attorney General’s office and announced today by Secretary of State Alex Padilla, entitled “Electricity. Initiative Statute,” seeks to replace investor-owned utilities like PG&E, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Bear Valley Electric through the creation of a publicly owned California Electrical Utility District. Already publicly owned electrical districts would remain unaffected unless they choose to join the collective.


Under the proposed statute, such a district would be comprised of 11 wards that are approximately equal in population, from which each ward a publicly elected director would serve a four-year term on a district board. Along with being empowered to acquire property, develop facilities and other essential infrastructure, the board would have under its jurisdiction the ability to set and adjust electricity rates, impose taxes, and issue bonds. State legislative and financial analysts indicate such a measure, if passed, would create fiscal impact due to an obvious substantial net change in state and local finances.


In order for the measure to qualify for this year’s election ballot, its proponent, Ben Davis, Jr., is required to collect at least 365,880 registered voter signatures within the next 180 days and submit them to county elections officials by September 15. Interested parties may call 916 833-7894 for more information.