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Almost No Support For New Apple Watch

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Despite headlines ranging from the Associated Press “AP Analysts: Apple is poised for success with watch” to the Forbes article this week by Dan Matthews “Why the Apple Watch won’t sell” an informal myMotherLode poll was clear: 94 percent are not buying it. There were 15 votes for yes- 3 percent of the total and another 15 votes for not sure.

The Diffusion of Innovation Theory found that when a new idea or thing comes out the adopter distribution is a bell curve with the first 2.5 percent to use it labeled as “innovators” and the next 13.5 percent as early adopters. Smart watches aren’t expected to catch on until more than 13 percent of people are interested.

A variety of wearable technology is gaining acceptance, pedometer-tracking devices like the Fitbit Zip and Nike FuelBand are available.  One year ago a Neilson study reported that Seventy percent of consumers are aware of “wearables,” and about one in six (15%) of them currently use wearable tech—such as smart watches and fitness bands—in their daily lives.

A Harris Poll in November 2013 found that overall, nearly half of Americans were at least a little interested (46%) in owning a watch or wristband type wearable tech device, with over one-fourth specifying that they are very or somewhat interested (27%). While nearly half are at least somewhat interested in some other type of device (46%; 26% very or somewhat interested), fewer show an interest in owning a wearable tech device in the headset/glasses vein (36% at least a little, 20% very or somewhat). But of course, different segments of the population showed different levels of interest.

A recent informal Cnet poll asked “Would you buy an Apple iWatch?” With 27% Yes. I can’t wait to get one on my wrist, 33% No. I don’t feel the need or desire, 30% Maybe. It depends on what it can do, 8% Only if it’s not too expensive and 2% Other.

The recent informal CNBC poll “Will you buy the new Apple watch when it comes out?”
results were: Yes 35%, No 49%, Not sure 16%, with 18,623 total votes.

Even a South African website, News24, recently asked “Would you wear a smart watch?”
With the results: Yes, I’m a gadget freak 14%, No, I’m happy with a normal watch 58%, I may, if it makes life easier 28%, for a total of 21,654 votes.

In June 2014 The first-ever “Piper Jaffray Watch & Wearables survey” polled nearly 100 individuals with an average age of 32 years old and household income of $130,000. Those surveyed were 61 percent female, with almost all respondents from North America. Among the 86 percent who said they wouldn’t buy a watch, some users said they would be far more interested at a price below $200. However, 41 percent of respondents said they would not be interested in an “iWatch” regardless of the price.

The Apple Watch is said to cost between $350 and $699 with a gold version available for $10,000. It will not be available until the end of April 2015.