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Support For Recreational Marijuana Legalization

After airing the On the Street question “Should California become a state which allows recreational marijuana?” myMotherLode.com also posted an informal poll. Responses to the On the Street question are available here in the Multimedia section of myMotherLode.com.

The informal poll was “Legalize Recreational Marijuana in California?” with the results: 52 percent yes, 48 percent no.

23 states and the District of Columbia permit medical marijuana use, though the drug remains illegal under federal law. In 2014 Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, joined Colorado and Washington in allowing adults to use the drug without a prescription. Marijuana advocates filed paperwork in Maine seeking a 2016 ballot initiative and, as reported earlier, so did advocates in California. Recreational marijuana legalization supporters have until late August to submit an initiative to the Secretary of State and until April 2016 to have gathered the signatures needed to put it on the November 2016 ballot.

Fall election exit polls taken in 2014 found 54% of California voters believe recreational pot use should be legal. A Pew study last year ago found support for marijuana increases in younger generations. See photo.

Tuolumne County voted to table a marijuana ordinance just over a year ago. As reported mid August “So far this season, Tuolumne County law enforcement agencies have eradicated 98,075 marijuana plants.”