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Columbia College Hopes To Expand In Calaveras County

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Columbia, CA — Columbia College has its eyes on Calaveras County, when it comes to areas that it would like to expand in the near future.

College President Dr. Angela Fairchilds says, “We’re working with the Bret Harte High School District on forging a partnership for Columbia College to use a vacant school site in Vallecito. It would be our presence in the county, a physical location, to where we could provide on-site services, and courses, and perhaps expand our offerings.” More details are expected to emerge in the near future.

San Joaquin Delta College is also increasing its footprint in Calaveras County, and Dr. Fairchilds notes that the two schools have been talking about ways they can compliment one another, rather than compete. In addition, Columbia College is exploring ways to expand its offerings in Oakdale.

Dr. Fairchilds was the guest on Mother Lode Views this past weekend. She also spoke about recent changes to course offerings, enrollment trends, and how she was “surprised” by President Obama’s proposal that community college education be free of charge. You can find the entire 30-minute interview by clicking here.