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Tuition Hike ‘Tortures’ Middle Class

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Sacramento, CA — Former Calaveras County State Senator Ted Gaines says that the proposed University of California tuition increase plan, which could raise student fees by 25% over the next five years, “tortures the middle class.”

“The UC system must serve the academic elite, not just the financial elite,” says Senator Gaines, who due to redistricting now represents the Roseville area.  “Students have been pummeled with tuition increases for years, and the second that they and their families catch their breath this mega-increase is being pushed on them.  I am calling on the Regents to stand with the students and reject the tuition spike.”

Currently, in-state UC students pay $12,192 in mandatory tuition and fees per year.  The proposal would bring a first year increase of $612.  Those fees would push tuition up to nearly $16,000 by the end of the fifth year.  The UC Regents will debate and vote on the tuition increase plan during their November 19-20 meeting.