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Local Election Night Recap

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Sonora, CA —  There are still about 3,000 provisional and vote by mail ballots to be counted in Tuolumne County in the days ahead.

After the final votes were tabulated on election night, Kaenan Whitman had a roughly 600 vote lead in the race for Assessor-Recorder.

“Right now I’m happy with the results, but I still feel it’s a little too close to call,” said Whitman. “We still have a lot of ballots to be counted that could still change the outcome of this election.”

His challenger, Mike Dambacher said that while statistically, he still has a chance, he did call to congratulate Whitman regarding the likely victory last night.

“We went into this campaign with the thought of winning this election, so I don’t feel great about the result,” said Dambacher. “But I feel wonderful about the way we ran our campaign, the supporters I had, and the committee that worked for me.”

In the T.U.D. races, Ron Kopf is comfortably the top vote-getter for the lone two year seat, with 28% of the vote. His closest challenger was Darrell Ketner with 24%. Jim Grinnell and Ron Ringen are the top vote-getters for the two four year seats. David Harris trails Ringen, in third place, by just over 300 votes.

Congressman Tom McClintock had nearly 20% more votes than his Republican Challenger Art Moore, so McClintock will be heading back to Washington, DC.

“Above all, I just want to thank the good people of the 4th Congressional district,” said McClintock. “In this district, and nationally, tonight is an affirmation of the American founding principals that built this country.”

Republicans, nationally, held control of House of Representatives and took control of the U.S. Senate.

Other winners last night included Senator Tom Berryhill and Assemblyman Frank Bigelow.

In Calaveras County, the two Supervisor seats are currently leaning towards Michael Oliveria and Steve Kearney. There are a similar number of provisional and vote by mail ballots to be counted this week.

The Calaveras County Judicial seats are comfortably leaning towards Grant Barrett and Tim Healy.

Statewide ballot measures that were victorious include the Proposition 1 water bond, the Proposition 2 rainy day fund and Proposition 47 related to criminal penalties.

You can find a complete list of the results in the election section. We will update the page as more results come in over the coming week.

  • Kaenan Whitman
  • Mike Dambacher
  • Ron Kopf
  • Jim Grinnell
  • Ron Ringen
  • Congressman Tom McClintock
  • Art Moore Candidate for District 4 U.S. Congressional race Photo taken by: Tracey Petersen
  • Senator Tom Berryhill
  • Frank Bigelow
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