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A Different Kind Of Dumpster Fire

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Sugar Pine, CA – Fire crews in Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine did not have to respond to a trash fire this week, instead, it came to them.

Last week, the large Waste Management recycling truck pictured in the image box drove up to station 77 in Sugar Pine. Then the frantic driver began calling for help and stating his truck was on fire. Crews dashed out to check out the truck and determine exactly what was on fire. They discovered that it was the recycling load and not the truck that was ablaze.

Firefighters had the driver dump the load so they could extinguish the flames. Further investigation revealed the source of the fire as hot ashes dumped into a recycling bin prior to trash pickup.

CAL Fire provided these tips to ensure your ashes are cold before discarding them:

  • Make sure they are disposed of in a metal can with a lid.
  • The container should be placed away from any flammable source outside.
  • The ashes should not be thrown out until they are cool to the touch with a bare hand.
  • Waste Management recycling truck
  • Waste Management recycling truck burnt trash removed from parking lot of Station 77 in Mi-Wuk Village