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Newsom Details $286 Billion Budget Proposal

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Sacramento, CA– California Governor Gavin Newsom now says California is projecting a $45-billion budget surplus when the new fiscal year takes effect on July 1st. He laid out aspects of his budget proposal earlier today.

It includes $286-billion in overall spending, up 9.1-percent from a year ago, and $213-billion in General Fund expenditures, an increase of 1.5-percent.

Newsome used this budget announcement to chime in on a controversial topic in the state, the plans for PG&E to slash subsidies paid to owners of rooftop solar panels. He said he wants PG&E to reconsider that action and added “We have work to do” in regards to discussions that are underway to change the proposal.

Some of the budget highlights show a focus on education, drought, and climate change. They include the following:

-2.7 billion to bolster Covid testing and vaccinations

-$1.2 billion over two years on wildfire mitigation

-$750 million for drought relief

-$2 billion for mental health services for homeless people and clearing encampments

-$2 billion in grants and tax credits to spur more affordable housing

-$1.6 billion for community colleges

-$3 billion over two years to pay down unemployment insurance trust fund debt owed to the federal government

-$6 billion over five years to support zero-emission vehicles and charging infrastructure

-$356 million over three years, including $132 million next year, in grants to law enforcement to combat retail crime

Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Kern County), Vice-Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, issued the following statement:

“While the Governor makes political headlines, every day Californians are overtaxed and are struggling to afford to live and work in our state.

Lawmakers will now begin debating many of the details ahead of passing a new budget sometime around June