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Health In Rapid Decline

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Auburn, CA –A newly released report by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy found the Sierra Nevada Forest to be in critical condition, facing unprecedented fire danger. It is “Unhealthy and in urgent need of repair,” says conservancy spokesperson Brittany Covich.

The reports suggest that repair comes in the form of federal and state funding for forest restoration arguing air quality, water supply, wildlife habitat, tourism, recreation, and carbon storage are all at risk. The report showed the current drought and changing climates are speeding up the decline of the forest.

Covich says, “The report wants some immediate challenges addressed in the forest. One being a lack of forest restoration projects, another is looking into ways to support forest needs and restoration through the utilization of may be the use of Biomass, using the thinned material from the forest as energy.”

The report points to devastating wildfires, like the Rim Fire, and the longer term affects it will have on the environment and the state’s economy as a key reason for a call to action. Click here to view the full report.

  • Rim Fire burned trees