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Student Approached By Suspicious Suspects

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Valley Springs, CA — The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a situation where a 10-year-old female was approached by three unknown males.

It happened early yesterday morning, around 7:15am, in front of a multi-purpose room at Valley Springs Elementary. One of the men reportedly asked the 10-year-old to go with them, while the other two made arm gestures for the student to follow them. The student ran away, and the men left the area. Anyone with information on the situation should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 209-754-6030.

The male subjects are described as follows:

Subject 1 –White male adult, tall, slender build, tan or brown sweater with a hoodie. Wearing a tan or brown beanie, sagging pants, possibly grey sweatpants, and white tennis shoes. Subject had dark hair visible behind ears, black framed glasses, and double piercing in the ears. Subject was holding a Bud Light can and about 30 years old.

Subject 2- White male adult, shorter than suspect one, heavier build with bald head. Subject was carrying a peach Jan Sport backpack. Subject was wearing a dirty hoodie jacket, dark grey or black sweatpants, and unknown shoes.

Subject 3- White male adult, heavy build. The subject was wearing a tan beanie, tan or brown Jacket with hood. He was also wearing sweatpants, greyish color. Subject’s face looked partially “sunburned.”

  • Calaveras County Sheriff