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Tuolumne Office Of Education Seeks Campus

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County Office of Education is considering purchasing the Black Oak Elementary school site. Joe Silva, Tuolumne County Superintendent, says the idea was discussed at Monday’s county school board meeting and everyone was very supportive.

Silva says they have not made any commitment but he will be present at Twain Harte’s school board meeting next Wednesday for an open bid process to see if there are any other interested parties.

Silva says, “Right now our students are housed at satellite campuses through out the county. We thought if we could put the programs on one campus that it would give increased instructional time to those students. It would cut down on travel time for our specialists who go from one campus to another, they would also be on that site, so there would be huge benefits for our students.”

Silva says the idea has been reviewed by transportation coordinators who say delivering students to one location will cut down on current transportation time and costs. Silva notes with the addition to the bypass, the drive that used to take him 40 minutes from Sonora to Black Oak School in Twain Harte now takes him only 15 minutes.

Discussion of the bid or bids is scheduled to be the subject of a September 3rd Twain Harte board meeting. All plans are for next school year, current plans will remain in place for students this school year.