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Sugar Pine Cell Tower In Works

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Sugar Pine, CA — What the tower will look like and where it will be built in the Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District is being negotiated right now.

V.P. of the District Board of Directors Bill Schneiderman has an update on the project. “They [the company] are in the process of emailing us some pictures of different towers then were sending out photos of the property so that so they can do a virtual simulation of what it might look like,” says Schneiderman.

The district has been in talks with Sunkay Associates about the potential project. The company would facilitate the construction of the tower and try to recruit cell phone providers to rent space. The district is also doing legal research to make sure the tower will comply with Tuolumne County regulations.

Schneiderman says one good thing is “They [the company] says the height of the tower will be in the 60 and 80 feet range and that is close to the height of the local trees so it may not look as obtrusive.” He adds they are considering towers camouflaged as trees, but they may also be able to go with a monopole type structure. It would be 30 inches across and taper at the top with two antennas atop.

District officials stress the tower would not cost the district any money, and could potentially bring in anywhere from $3,000-$15,000 a year in new revenue.