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Tuolumne Oaks Subdivision Plans Scrapped

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Groveland, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors rescinded plans for the Tuolumne Oaks Subdivision, which was approved back in 1996.

Plans for the 1,157 acre ranch property, known as Long Gulch, included 362 residential lots, a golf course, around 450 acres of set aside for open space, and 18 acres that would have been dedicated to Tuolumne County for eventual expansion of the Pine Mountain Lake Airport.

The property is situated off Ferretti Road, and Clinton Road, in the Groveland area. It is just east of Pine Mountain Lake.

Ron Kopf spoke on behalf of the Long Gulch landowners, and said, “We’re not excited about removing all the entitlements on this property, but as it stands with the current economic conditions, and other things, it just doesn’t make sense to go forward with the plan as it’s entitled.”

Tuolumne County Community Resources Agency Director Bev Shane gave an overview of the project to the Supervisors, and said, “It would allow them to sell the 12 legal parcels that comprise the project site, without the encumbrances provided by the entitlements.”

District Four Supervisor John Gray, who represents the Groveland area, stated, “This was such a big controversial project when it was approved, and it looked exciting at the time. But, times have changed. I have not had any comments on this, positive or negative, in the community, and I’m prepared to make a motion.”

The changes were approved 4-0, as Supervisor Karl Rodefer was absent from the meeting.