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Groveland Receives Grant For Fuel Reduction

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Groveland, CA– A project that has been named “GCSD Infrastructure Fuel Reduction” has received $405,462 dollars to reduce fuel in the Groveland areas. 119 acres in total on property owned by the Groveland Community Services District(GCSD) will be turned into a shaded fuel break by hand cutting or masticating surface in the understory of the GCSD properties.

A large portion of the fuel reduction will allow the Rim Truck Trail West Fuel Break and Jones Hill Fuel Break to be segmented by segment constructed encompassing the Community of Groveland and the GCSD. The fuel reduction will help protect the communities of Big Oak Flat, Pine Mountain Lake, and Groveland from a potentially damaging fire if it originates in the South Fork of the Tuolumne River Canyon. The project area is within the GCSD boundaries and the State responsibility area in Groveland.

The projected outcome of this project is to have fuel reductions placed in locations within a greater area of fuel breaks overall, with an emphasis on protecting the Groveland community. The fuel reduction will allow firefighters to work more safely in that area. Another goal of this project is added protection for the GCSD water and sewage treatment facility which is critical to providing safe drinking water and fire protection for the previously mentioned areas. The Groveland Community Resilience Center and the fire station are also located in the project area.

A list of other approved grants and projects can be foundĀ here.