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Summerville High Loses High Scoring Football Opener

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Written by Levi Flores: 

The Summerville Bears took the field for the first time this season on Tuesday night at Waterford High.

After a few cancellations and rescheduling of games, due to multiple reasons, Summerville was able to put their cleats to use. Out of the gate, the Bears struggled to move the chains into Waterford territory. Waterford, on the other hand, took advantage of the Bears lack of playing and took a 7-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Being in a losing position is something the Bears do not like. Because of this, Summerville scored 56 seconds into the second quarter. One play of this drive was a 48 yard pass from QB #3 Braylon Leveroos to RB/WR #22 Tommy Warfield. Summerville is lacking in the kicking position for the second year in a row, so a two point conversion was attempted and converted to take the lead 8-7.

The rest of the second quarter was a back to back battle of scoring between both teams. Three minutes after the Bears first scored, Waterford re-took the lead with their slow methodical offense. The Bears offense kept pushing their way down the field and switched the lead back to Summerville for a 16-14 score. The Waterford Wildcats had possession of the ball with 27 seconds left in the first half and decided they wanted to take a shot down the field. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, Summerville’s own George Henderson intercepted the ball at mid-field and dodged his way through the defenders in order to tack on an extra 6 points for the Bears. Summerville received the second half kick and on the first play back, the Bears scored on a 65 yard passing play to #4 Dean Trimeloni. This scoring play puts the bears in the lead by 14 with a 28-14 score. This is the last time the bears scored and it was all Wildcat offense from this point. 21 unanswered points from Waterford put them ahead to win 35-28 over the Summerville Bears.

The Bears have a short practice week as they host the Hughson Huskies at Thorstead field for their home opener on Saturday.