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McClintock Critical Of Earmarks To Pass Infrastructure Bill

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Washington, DC — Earmarks are in the spotlight in Washington, DC as the Biden administration attempts to get both Republicans and Democrats on board for an infrastructure plan.

Earmarks are funding for projects that lawmakers request money for in their specific district. Speaking on the US House Floor this morning, McClintock stated, “Representatives have already dropped nearly 1,500 earmarks into the so-called infrastructure bill alone – costing $5.7 billion – now that a bipartisan spending frenzy has revived them.”

He ended the speech by stating, “When a local government proposes an earmark, what is it saying?  The project is so low on its priority list that it doesn’t dare spend its own taxpayers’ funds.  But it is perfectly happy to have taxpayers in other communities foot the bill.  The result is a grab bag of dubious projects that rob St. Petersburg to pay St. Paul — for projects that St. Petersburg does not benefit from and that St. Paul doesn’t deem worthy enough to spend its own funds on.”

You can view the speech by clicking on the video link.

McClintick, a Republican, represents Congressional District Four, which covers the Mother Lode region.