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Highway 108 Bypass Ramping Up?

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Sonora, CA – The Peaceful Oak interchange project, from the East Sonora Bypass, is up for discussion and possible funding for additional ramps.

During project planning the elimination of the eastbound on ramp and westbound off ramp was a significant concern to several businesses according to Tuolumne County Transportation Council Executive Director Darin Grossi. In an email to area businesses he says, “We have repeatedly heard from local business leaders the full interchange is critical to further economic growth in the area.”

The Tuolumne County Transportation Council (TCTC) will consider funding the project in their meeting on December 11th. The TCTC meets in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at 3pm and the public may attend.

Grossi says, “It is important for Caltrans and the TCTC to hear from area businesses on the continued importance of the additional ramps as they consider funding the project. The California Transportation Commission has generously rewarded us with funding when possible. I am confident that with your (Tuolumne county businesses) support we can get the necessary funding required for construction.”

Grossi also noted, “We are also requesting partial funding from Caltrans with savings garnered from the lower than anticipated construction bids.” The East Sonora Bypass stage 2 project received approximately $12.528 million more than was used to complete the project. The proposed cost of new ramps is $10.036 million.

Caltrans recently completed a Project Study Report which now allows the Transportation Council to seek funding for completion of an eastbound on ramp and westbound off ramp. 

The news story “East Sonora Bypass Opened” is here.