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Tuolumne County Is “Fit For The Future”

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County is being recognized for its “Fit For the Future” program.

The program is a collaborative effort between the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office, Sonora Regional Medical Center, Tuolumne County Public Health and Anthem Blue Cross. Students taking part are in grades 5th and 7th, and the goal is to promote healthy living and fight obesity. Superintendent of Schools Joe Silva says local officials were recently invited by State Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley to speak about the program at a “Keeping California Healthy” task force meeting in the Bay Area. Silva says Tuolumne County had the highest fitness scores in the state. The state average was around 30% and Tuolumne County was above 50% for both grade levels. The local program leaders, Brie Ferguson and Paul McIllroy, were the key presenters.

This week a Tuolumne County contingency has been asked to give a presentation to the CA School Boards Association at their annual conference in San Diego. Silva says this is a first for Tuolumne County to give a presentation at this event.

Both Secretary Dooley and Anthem Blue Cross CEO Pam Kehaly have also indicated that they would like to see the program in person in late January or February.