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State Passes New Mask Laws For Workplace

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Sacramento, CA — The board that oversees workplace safety was split on mask rules for businesses in California.

Yesterday the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board held a public hearing on a plan to loosen current mask rules in the workplace. The proposal was to dictate that businesses only allow employees to unmask if everyone in the room is vaccinated. The idea is stricter than what California is planning to implement on June 15 for social settings. It is also contradictory to the federal CDC which stated that social distancing and masking is no longer needed for anyone fully vaccinated.

When it came time to vote yesterday, opinions were split, and there was not a majority in favor of approving the revised rules, as a majority (4-3) felt they were still too strict. However, if no action was taken, the current rules (masking required in most all workplace situations) would remain in place. The board then decided to pass the revised regulations, referring to it as a “stopgap” measure until lesser restrictions can be finalized.

The state rule change takes effect on June 15. The Associated Press reports that it could face litigation, as it is unclear how the new rules, determining who has been vaccinated, will be carried out.

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