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White Issues Alert To Parents

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Area school officials are concerned over reports of a suspicious orange pick-up truck following Columbia and Jamestown elementary school students home from their bus stops.

Tuolumne County Superintendent Dan White says no crime has been committed, but his office has issued an alert to parents, teachers and staff in the 12 schools within the county to be aware of the situation.

Witnesses say a dark-skinned man with long dark brown hair in a compact pick-up truck was spotted following a student. Another account says the driver was a white male adult with short dark hair and glasses.

White says a student got off at the Table Mountain Chapel bus stop and was followed down his driveway by the individual in the truck. As the child began to run, the truck picked up speed. When the mother came out of the house, the pick-up abruptly stopped, turned and sped away.

In another incident, an 11-year-old boy in the Stent-Jacksonville area was followed by a similar compact pick-up.

White is urging anyone with information to call the Tuolumne County Sheriffs Department.