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California Gambler Wins Lawsuit Against Nevada Casino

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A California high roller has been awarded more than 8 million dollars by a Las Vegas federal court jury that agreed he was defrauded by a casino. Multimillionaire gambler Steven Mattes had sued Park Place Entertainment and its Paris Las Vegas resort. His lawyers argued that Paris executives lured the big bettor to the megaresort´s September 1999 grand opening by promising him a two million dollar credit line.

But they say the resort reneged on the offer after he lost millions of his own money at the resort. In his lawsuit, the 42-year-old gambler from Tarzana, California, argued that resort bosses changed their minds so his losses would be big first-day wins for Paris. Lawyers also say casino bosses created bogus markers for Mattes, claiming he owed more than he actually lost. Park Place says it´ll appeal Thursday´s decision.