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U.C. Fees May Be Going Up

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Student fees may be on the way up at the University of California.

Fees haven’t increased for eight years since going up substantially in the 1990s. But U.C. officials meeting Thursday in San Francisco said a hike is a possibility.

U.C.´s governing board of regent’s hasn’t voted on a fee increase and they’re not likely to take up the issue until next year. But a preliminary budget passed today includes a potential fee increase of 6.5 percent. That amounts to about $225 a year for undergrads who are now paying about $4,000 a year.

U.C. won´t have to raise fees if the state steps in with $33 million. In previous years, the state has provided extra money. But officials say that’s not likely to happen this year with California facing a multibillion-dollar deficit.