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Football Rivals Bet Chocolate On Big Game

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There´s more riding on the outcome of tonight’s big game between high school rivals Sonora and Oakdale than the Valley Oak League title. The game has become a battle of the bars, chocolate bars that is.

Mayors of the two towns now have a friendly little wager resting on the outcome of the annual football game.

Oakdale’s Mayor Pat Kuhn issued a challenge to Sonora Mayor Marlee Powell.

If Oakdale loses the gridiron contest in Oakdale Friday night, Kuhn has offered a five-pound Hershey Chocolate bar.

Responding to the challenge, Sonora Mayor Powell has put up a 12-pound slab of Nelson’s Columbia Candy Kitchen’s famous Rocky Road topped with a solid chocolate football just the sweeten the bet.

Columbia Candy Kitchen’s Sarah Gardella, a Sonora High alumnus, described their hefty chocolate gridiron creation.

“The field is made out of our rocky road with 80 percent light chocolate and 20 percent dark, home-made marshmallows that we make here, and fresh walnuts.” She said the rocky road is topped with a solid chocolate football and the initials “SHS” are flavored with lemon and mint.

Nelson’s Columbia Candy Kitchen is donating the sinfully rich prize. “I was prepared to pay for it or have the city pay for it, but Gardella said it sounded great and they wanted to do it,” Powell said.

“They really stepped up to the plate, or to the line of scrimmage, to be a part of this,” Powell joked.

This is the first time the two cities have gotten involved with the sometimes bitter rivalry.

Powell says Oakdale’s mayor called with the idea. “I think she just hatched this up,” Powell said.

“As you know over the years there have been some pretty bad feelings and some pretty nasty things going on,” Powell said of past big game activities. “I think the mayor’s term was ´Let’s sweeten this up and keep it on the light side. ´”

Powell feels Oakdale’s mayor wants to emphasize that it is a “very friendly” rivalry, and she wants to be counted on the side of keeping things from “getting nasty.”

Details haven’t be finalized yet, but no matter who loses, charity is the winner. Powell says the chocolate booty will be donated to a local charity to use as a fund-raiser.

“So far as I know, this doesn´t require a city council resolution. It´s just for fun,” Powell said.

The challenge winner will be presented the chocolate prize after the game tonight.