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High-Speed Conference Opens In Sonora

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Getting Tuolumne County up to speed and into the new electronic economy is the focus of a day-long meeting at the Sonora Opera Hall.

The program is designed to kick-start Tuolumne County´s entry into the high-speed internet, or broadband, arena.

Pat Lanthier, who organized the event, says the area needs the boost. “The grade given to Tuolumne County for it´s e-commerce readiness is a D+,” he said. Why such a low grade? Because only one percent of the county has wired high-speed access, typically DSL connections, and only six percent have wireless access.

Lanthier says he´d like to see high speed wired, wireless, cable and satellite access in Tuolumne County, so residents have choices. To be a player in the electronic economy, he says it´s necessary. “Basically, you have to connect to compete,” Lanthier said. “If you´re not connected, you´re not part of the new economy.”