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Supervisors Bristle Over Dock Structure

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Tuolumne County Supervisors grappled with development at South Shore Lake Tulloch Tuesday morning. Modifications and improvements that have been made over the past years are now before the board needing formal permit approval.

Daniel Richardson with the county’s planning department explained that the application process was started to formalize the improvements that were made at the south shore marina.

“These improvements have been made over a number of years and we need to make sure that all the approval agencies are on board and have formally approved what is there,” Richardson said.

One of the items in the project is a floating boat and Jet Ski rental dock. A similar dock was the center of controversy several years ago, when conversion of the single story barge was started to make it a two story floating structure.

The mere mention of a two-story barge floating at South Shore Lake Tulloch raised the hairs on the necks of Tuolumne County supervisors.

During Tuesday morning’s public hearing to consider the Lake Tulloch Site Development Plan, heated debate by board members ensued as memories resurfaced of the “illegal” two story floating barge and rental boat dock moored off shore.

Representing 17 homeowners at the lake, Sonora Attorney Pat Greenwell asked the supervisors to favorably consider the development plan for the camping and recreation area including the floating office, that Greenwell said “may or may not be a two-story structure.”

This didn’t set well with Supervisor Larry Rotelli as he sought clarification of the matter from Greenwell.

Rotelli grilled Greenwell. “Are we talking about the same item that’s already existing down there – a two-story structure that was built upon a one-story structure, that violated certain codes?”

Greenwell told the supervisor, “I don´t have that information.”

County planning staff member Robin Wood tried to clarify the issue for Supervisor Rotelli as to what type of floating structure is proposed for the area.

County planning Director Bev Shane assured the board that a two-story structure was never part of the proposal, which includes reconfigured campsites, cabanas and cabins and a boat and Jet Ski rental dock.

No action was taken by the supervisors Tuesday on the project plans.