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“Goo” Could Save Homes From Wildfire

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A gooey gel made from material similar to a disposable diaper is being hailed by firefighters as the latest defense against fire.

Sold as “Barricade Fire-Blocking Gel,” the substance can be applied on homes with a hose-end sprayer, providing a protective barrier for hours.

Company officials were in Reno yesterday to demonstrate the product developed by John Bartlett, a Florida firefighter who noticed that a used, disposable diaper was the only thing that didn´t burn in a 1993 house fire.

Once sprayed, the goo hardens into a paste-like coating of absorbent material that acts like layers of tiny sponges, retaining large amounts of water to protect a home from flame and heat.

When the threat is gone, it can be washed off with water and company officials say it won´t harm the environment. The gel has been used to save homes in Canada, Florida and around the West.