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Update: PG&E Pulls Plug On PSPS In Tuolumne County

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Update at 7:40 p.m.:  PG&E advises no Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) for Tuesday, but there could be rolling power outages to conserve electricity this evening.

Tuolumne County Office Of Emergency Services (OES) Coordinator Liz Peterson tells Clarke Broadcasting that the utility just gave that news to the county. Peterson relays, “PG&E has updated its weather modeling and at this time Tuolumne County is outside the scope of the 9/7/2020 PSPS event. They will continue to monitor the weather but at this point, no customers in Tuolumne County will be de-energized.”

The county could still see outages, however, as the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has issued a Stage 2 System Emergency. Currently, CAISO is indicating that it may no longer be able to provide expected energy requirements for today.  Peterson discloses, “The Stage 2 System Emergency Notice is effective today from 1753 through 2359. This raises the possibility that CAISO may call on PG&E to implement interruptions in electricity service.”

The company details that rolling outages usually last 1 to 2 hours for most customers.

Update at 3 p.m.: PG&E has reported that about 11,100 residents of Tuolumne County could be impacted by the possible Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) that remains a “watch” at this time. The shut off would begin Labor Day/Monday night with electricity turned off to the impacted areas between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.. It would run through Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Tuolumne County Office Of Emergency Services (OES) Coordinator Liz Peterson shared with Clarke Broadcasting the utility’s breakdown of customers affected in each community and a map below:

Click here for map.

Original post at 9:15 a.m.: Sonora, CA – PG&E has better defined the areas in Tuolumne County that could have their power shut off due to wildfire risk.

While the PG&E chart and map below have not changed and the status of the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) remains a “watch,” as reported here Saturday, there is clarification on the specific areas that could be impacted. Tuolumne County Office Of Emergency Services (OES) Coordinator Liz Peterson tells Clarke Broadcasting details, “At this point, if they move forward with a PSPS event starting tomorrow, it appears power would be de-energized to almost all customers north of Highway 108 and south of the Calaveras County line, west of the Cedar Ridge area and east of New Melones.” She adds, “It does appear Willow Springs and a few areas on the border of Highway 108 could be de-energized as well.”

Peterson also notes that all areas in the southern part of the county, including Groveland, will likely remain energized. An update will be provided as soon as new information comes into the news center.

PG&E PSPS chart and map 9-6-2020
PG&E PSPS chart and map 9-6-2020

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