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Supervisor Kirk Sends Pointed Letter To Governor Newsom

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County Supervisor Anaiah Kirk is upset about Governor Gavin Newsom’s directives related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kirk has written a letter to the Governor, which is also his latest blog entry.

He argues that the stay at home order is picking business winners and losers. He writes, “Since April, business owners have reached out to me worried about being labeled a criminal for simply opening their business to provide for their family. Meanwhile, government officials continue to receive paychecks.”

He adds, “The only power the Government has, the only power you have as Governor, is what the people are willing to give…the consent of the governed. As a County Supervisor, I can no longer consent to such orders and will begin to pursue local determinism.”

Kirk clarifies that he is planning to request at the first board of supervisors meeting in September that a committee comprised of non-government affiliated doctors look at the scientific data related to COVID-19 in its entirety, and use the information to help make decisions moving forward.

You can find Kirk’s blog by clicking here.   

Kirk’s District Three includes Tuolumne, Twain Harte, and the communities along the upper elevations of the Highway 108 corridor.